Panasonic buys OpenSynergy, a German developer of software for «smart» cars

Panasonic company announced the acquisition of the German company OpenSynergy GmbH, specializes in software development for embedded systems, «smart» cars. Allegedly, Panasonic is planning to use development OpenSynergy to create «integrated solutions for a comfortable, secure, and convenient driving with almost zero risk of accidents».

In the car usually there are two independent on-Board systems. One is responsible for the multimedia component, including navigation and entertainment. In the conduct of the second are function of the driver assistance, for example, display on the windshield. Develop OpenSynergy can merge them, making management more convenient and intuitive. Besides, such integration will be useful when implementing self-driving technologies.

Note that the output for the automotive industry is one of the most promising areas of activities of Panasonic. In the past fiscal year this trend has brought the company the $ 12.4 billion of income. In the company are determined to make it the main driving force of growth.

The amount of the transaction source does not name, limited to the message that in the short term OpenSynergy will become a subsidiary of Panasonic, while maintaining independence.

Source: Panasonic



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