Panasonic and UMC agreed to jointly develop technology for the production of 40-nanometer memory ReRAM

On the website of the company United Microelectronics Corp (UMC), specializing in the production of semiconductor products, reported the agreement with Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co Ltd (PSCS). The agreement provides for joint development of technology for serial production of 40-nanometer resistive memory with random access (ReRAM).

In 2013, the company PSCS began producing eight-bit microcontroller series MN101LR with integrated ReRAM memory at 180 nm technology. In addition, experts PSCS has created a 40-nanometer memory ReRAM, which is a first in the industry received the certificate of reliability.

The partners hope to combine the experience of PSCS in the development of ReRAM and the CMOS process technology, UMC has mastered. It is assumed that the memory ReRAM a new generation will be able to replace the built-in flash memory.

Trial samples of products manufactured by the new technology, should be ready in 2018.

Source: UMC



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