Palit GeForce GT 2GB 1030 LP is a low profile version with active cooling

According to the latest leaks, the GeForce GT 1030 will exist mainly in the form of low-profile models, which is a rarity these days. MSI is preparing at least two options, two more will release Gigabyte.

Now it became known that the EVGA will also be made in such form-factor. The source gives images and information about the model 1030 GeForce GT 2GB LP.

It has active cooling, and is supplied with a smaller height of the rear panel. Memory clock is 7000 MHz, but the GPU is still unknown. Recall that in the configuration GeForce GT 1030 will include GP108 GPU with 384 CUDA cores, connected to memory through 64-bit bus. Gaming devices can not even discuss it, but the low TDP level (around 35 W, according to early data) allows to equip such device with a small passive coolers. Perhaps the range the EVGA is such a version.

GeForce GT 1030


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