What to wear with high boots?


High boots universal shoes, which is indispensable for the autumn and winter images. They were originally the prerogative of the male wardrobe. A low heel is allowed to fix the leg of the rider in the stirrups, while the front part of the shaft was above the back and covered the knees of the trooper. Today the rough cut men’s

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The sights of Russia: a memorial over the vast expanse


Russia is considered to be one of the richest countries in every sense of the word. As for attractions on the territory of the Russian Federation, you can find all varieties of objects of tourist curiosity. A vast territory has sheltered numerous monuments, architecture, natural creations and more. Unique handmade masterpieces are found in every town. Many of them are

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What flowers not to keep the house?


Buying another flower room, we are guided only by its beautiful appearance. Harmful properties of certain plants, many usually do not think believing that flower shops have taken care of the buyers and will not sell poisonous flowers. For each family a selection of flowers individual. For example, in the house lives a small child or someone of the family

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