Stamping nail: master class and best photos ideas


In the modern world to evaluate a woman not only in appearance, manner of dress and talk. An important role in the way a well-groomed lady plays such a small thing like a manicure. To create a spectacular manicure without spending time and money to visit the salon every woman’s dream. Today monochrome manicure is not new, so many girls

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Men’s hats: current trends 2018


Despite the prevailing belief, men are not alien to fashion trends and they along with the girls trying to fit in. Of particular importance to a man’s wardrobe are the accessories that can give the image a touch of brutality and style. To choose the right headpiece is not easy as it seems at first glance. In addition to considerations

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What names will bring good luck in 2018 horoscope


On a person’s life is influenced by many factors. Among them cosmic energy, the position of the planets and other phenomena not understood by the common layman. Also on the destiny of man is affected by his name, by which to determine a person’s character, his inclinations and fears. These personal characteristics will affect the course of 2018 for each

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