School uniform for girls: trends 2018


In the new academic year school uniform for girls will differ democratic character. At the moment a single standard for this type of clothing does not exist. So the shape is selected proceeding from own taste of parents and children or by the school’s Board and administration. As girls from an early age begin to follow the fashion and to

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School uniforms for Teens


School uniform – a mandatory attribute of the modern educational process. Most of the day the child spends in school and it is important that at the Desk he looked stylish and fashionable. Choose a school uniform for teenagers is more complicated than for first graders. Teenagers have their own opinion about a really stylish school uniform. The task of

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Grey school uniform: noble shades of student dress code


Most educational institutions are returning to a strict dress code, dressing their students in a classical school uniform. In anticipation of the new academic year, the color selection of school uniforms is particularly acute. School teachers want to see their students in a simple school kits classic tones, parents want to diversify a boring tone the usual form of bright

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Lunar calendar beauty for June 2018


Summer has begun, which all been waiting for. Chase away the emotions, and energize and solar energy. Personal life will experience tension, large-scale change at work. But luck will accompany in everything. The friendly character of the year (Yellow Dog) will not leave alone with problems and support. However, to make decisions will have all the same to you. To

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