Current trends of men’s fashion 2018


Men along with women pay to their appearance much attention. This applies not only maintain physical fitness. For modern men not be ashamed to visit the beauty salon, to show interest in the latest fashions, follow your diet and stick to a healthy lifestyle. Changes affecting the usual routine of life of men, reflected in the wardrobe. He became more

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Fashion glasses: the best news of 2018


A few years ago the prospect of wearing glasses looked terrible. It even frightened children who sat too close to the TV and watched cartoons. Now, many ladies like to choose a fashionable frame with clear lenses even if they do not need vision correction. Trend materials for 2018 The shape of the rims compared to last year have undergone

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How to restore the nails after the gel Polish at home?


Well-groomed and beautiful nails – it is an axiom of the modern woman. Without manicure unthinkable edgy and attractive women. To facilitate the process of decorating nails, we increasingly resistant coatings, such as gel Polish, acrylic, shellac. They save the time and hassle of decorating fingers, and always look amazing. Nails with gel Polish looks fascinating and exactly to the

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