Lunar calendar beauty of August 2018


The end of summer… August gives a unique opportunity for all signs of the zodiac. Start something new – this will give you new emotions, opportunities, increase the circle of friends and acquaintances expands horizons. Fortuna will certainly help to realize the plans and dreams. The only thing that might prevent the new moon on August 11. On this day,

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Trends In Italy: Milan Fashion 2018


Milan is rightly considered the world capital of fashion and a trendsetter of stylish trends to be followed by the rest of the world. In this city are the most ambitious shows of fashion collections. All that was shown at fashion week in Milan, becomes the ideal stylish preferences in all cities and countries. Fashionable Milan 2018 – is an

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Fashion women’s scarf: New 2018 and how to wear them


In 2018, the scarf is the most fashionable women’s accessory, therefore, include it in the list of mandatory seasonal purchases. The world’s fashion designers have to offer in 2018, various options of scarves. For example, Jil Sander – sport style with red stripes, Raquel Allegra is an ultra – long, Manish Arora – floral print Marni silk polka dot. But

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Ugg boots 2018: what to wear


Fashion ugg boots are destined to a certain role in creating the female image, especially romantic. The exact period of the emergence of trendy ugg boots on the catwalk cannot be called since this type of footwear from sheepskin were used by the farmers. But at the moment uggs are widely popular model of women shoes among all age categories

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