PA32U Asus ProArt monitor with technology of quantum dots, the coverage of the space Rec. 2020 and technology Calibration Technology.

Asus at CES 2017, among other things, brought a few new monitors. Among them is model. PA32U.

Its manufacturer calls a professional monitor. The device includes a 32-inch flat panel 4K UHD (panel is used with quantum dots) with support for HDR, boasts a coverage of the color space Adobe RGB (99,5%), DCI-P3 (95%), sRGB (100%) and Rec. 2020 (85%).

Also. PA32U is the first in the world, according to Asus, the monitor with a special led backlight with 384 zones of light. Maximum brightness when it reaches 1000 CD/m2. Each monitor will be factory calibrated, but users with the appropriate equipment can carry out settings at home, thanks to the support of technology. Calibration Technology.

To connect to a PC has two connections Thunderbolt 3. In the sale of the monitor will appear in the third quarter at a price of around 1800-2000 dollars. For those who do not need such high resolution, Asus will offer the model. PA27AQ with a 27-inch screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This monitor also features a Thunderbolt port and supports 3. Calibration Technology.



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