PA speaker system Taga Harmony TAV-808B got a crossover designed for a frequency of 5.5 kHz

The range of Taga Harmony appeared speaker system TAV-808B using the classic two-lane scheme. In spite of the bookshelf design, the manufacturer offers to use it for front channels of home theater, speaking about the good dynamic capabilities.

This was achieved thanks to the low-frequency dynamics of a diameter of 165 mm, equipped with a polypropylene cone. It is combined with a carefully calculated enclosure volume and rear bass reflex, so that the AC starts to «play» from 44 Hz. The crossover frequency selected on unusually high around 5.5 kHz up to 25 kHz range is announced dome silk tweeter 25 mm in diameter. It improves the waveguide dispersion and lower distortion.

At nominal sensitivity 88 dB, impedance is 6 Ohms, as Taga Harmony TAV-808B is recommended to combine with amplifier power 25-120 watts per channel. Housing made of MDF and covered with vinyl tape, with dimensions of 32 x 20 x 26 cm weight of each column is equal to 5.5 kg.


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