PA speaker system Taga Harmony Azure B-40 v.Got 2 titanium HF driver

The company Taga Harmony presented a dual-band bookshelf stereo speaker system Azure B-40 v.2 related to the initial level. It indirectly alludes to the thickness of the side walls and the front panel component 12 and 15 mm respectively, although in the first generation they were even thinner. Internal struts to increase the frequency of undesirable resonances present only in the older floor models. The enclosure is made from MDF with a decorative coating of the vinyl film.

In the case of the acoustic system Taga Harmony Azure B-40 v.2 placed synthetic filler, which increases the useful acoustic volume and reduces the probability of formation of standing waves. The placement of the bass reflex front slightly reduces the requirements for placement indoors. The new version has been improved components of the crossover (crossover frequency 2 kHz), added aluminum trim on the speakers and a removable fabric panel for their protection.

The RF head has a double neodymowe magnetic system and titanium radiator with a diameter of 25 mm midrange/WOOFER diameter of 165 mm got a stamped basket, a copper coil (like Twitter), polypropylene driver and dust cap. The frequency range is stated within 40-40000 Hz, the unevenness is not specified. At nominal impedance 6 Ohm sensitivity 88 dB manufacturer recommends the use of Taga Harmony Azure B-40 v.2 amplifiers output power 20-140 watts per channel. With dimensions of 36 x 21 x 25.3 mm weight of each speaker is 6.9 kg.


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