Owners of the Microsoft Surface Laptop can return to the Windows 10 S after you upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

A few days ago the laptop sale Microsoft Surface Laptop, which is running the operating system Windows 10 S.

Windows 10’s allows you to install applications only from the Windows store, which increases the security devices with this OS. A ban on running in the background apps installed from the Windows Store, has a positive effect on the operating time of your device without recharging.

At the time of announcement, it was announced that owners of the Microsoft Surface Laptop free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro before the end of the calendar year. It is also said that there’s no going back, re-install the Windows 10’s will not work.

However, Microsoft changed its policy, inviting those who wish to download the Windows 10 S Surface Laptop, which size is about 9 GB.

It is important to understand that you in fact will return the device to factory settings, losing all data.



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