Owners of the LG monitors UltraFine 5K complain of problems with the device and connected MacBook Pro. Apple removes reviews

After a delay monitors LG UltraFine 5K for the new laptops Apple MacBook Pro, went on sale. And until the end of March this product is a very generous discount.

However, many buyers of such monitors are not long happy to spend those funds. Reportedly, more and more owners of these devices complain of various problems arising in the course of their operation.

For example, the monitors never come out of the sleep state. In order to return them, you must reconnect the cable. However, it’s not so simple as some users of this procedure leads to the crash the laptop touch pad or Touch Bar. In the end, you have to restart a laptop.

Interestingly, Apple is not only silent about a possible fix problems, but also began to remove negative reviews on the monitor in its online store.

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