Owners of Tesla electric vehicles purchased after January 1, 2017, will pay for the use of charging stations Supercharger

The company Tesla has made changes in its strategy, which is aimed at expanding the network of branded petrol stations Supercharger for electric cars.

At this moment, the owners of Tesla electric vehicles can use the Supercharger for free, but next year the situation will change. Those who buy Tesla cars after January 1, 2017, will receive, every year on the Supercharger up to 400 kV•h free energy, which is enough for about 1600 km, After which owners of electric cars Tesla small fee will be charged. The exact amount is not specified, however the company argued that the gas station on the Supercharger will still be cheaper than to fill the car with petrol.

For those who is already a user of Tesla or about to become them until January 1, 2017 (provided that the delivery will be done by the end of March 2017), nothing will change. They will continue to use the charging stations Supercharger free.



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