Owners of defective Nexus smartphones 6P now get Google Pixel XL

6P Nexus is the latest smartphone of the Nexus line before Google introduced smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. The smartphone, which is manufactured by Huawei, had the overheating problem caused by a single-chip system Snapdragon 810.

This hardware problem has led to the fact that some smartphones Nexus 6P fell into a cyclic reboot. Google change smartphones, in which the problem appears, however, reserves Nexus 6P came to an end.

Now Google gives owners of defective Nexus smartphones 6P far more attractive novelty in the face of last year’s Google Pixel XL. The exchange program operates on the territory of the USA, Canada and UK for all owners of Nexus 6P, which is still subject to the annual guarantee. A mandatory condition is the absence of mechanical damages and traces of contact with body moisture.



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