Overclocker Kingpin has set a new record, breaking up the GPU of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti to 3024 MHz

Overclocking potential of GPU generation Pascal all familiar. In particular, the last year for the first time, the graphics processor was able to overclock to frequencies over 3 GHz. More specifically, the GPU adapter Galax HOF GTX 1060 failed to get processor 3010 MHz, and the card remained stable and passed the tests.

Apparently, we now have a new record. On the page of the company EVGA in Facebook published an image, according to which well-known overclocker Kingpin managed to overclock the core of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti up to a frequency of 3024 MHz!

Sorry, there are no details, so it is unclear whether passed the map tests. It is known that the used reference adapter, although it is, of course, was heavily modified. Well, team EVGA claims that this is only the beginning. Given that we are still waiting for original versions that are more suitable for overclocking, it can be expected that the milestone of 3 GHz will be overcome again and again.

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