Overclocker Der8auer offers Intel Lake Coffee Ultra Edition tested frequency potential and lids silver

Not all users who are supporters of overclocking computer components, want to bother with the selection of appropriate components and to spend time on finding an optimal frequency.

A well-known overclocker Der8auer offers for such users, a ready-made solution. On the Caseking website you can buy Intel Core i7-8700K that have already been tested and is guaranteed to work in the specified in the description of the frequency. For each CPU is its own, but in General, the rates range from 4.8 GHz to 5.2 GHz. Of course, the processor at this frequency will be stable when the corresponding cooling requirements for which there is also in the description of the CPU.

But Der8auer is not only a proven model. All the CPU’s logo enthusiast already went through the process of replacement of the original thermal interface under the hood on the Thermal Grizzly. These models have a console of Advanced Edition to the title and start at 440 euros for the version with a guaranteed frequency of 4.8 GHz.

Model Pro Edition offer the same thing, but in addition polished cover. For the version with the same frequency will have to pay 500 euros. Well, for the most demanding Ultra Edition CPU has a native heat-spreading lid is replaced either made of silver. These start at frequency 5 GHz and the price of 690 euros. Also similar options are there for CPU Core i7-8600K.

Given that any of these CPU stripped of the factory warranty due to removing the cover, online store offers its two-year warranty.



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