Over the past year Google has allocated to «purchase traffic» of 19 billion dollars

Hardly anyone will challenge the total dominance of Google in specific segments. The Android OS takes up more than 80% of the smartphone market, the search engine company is the most popular in the world, and the Chrome browser. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

However, the iceberg though, and brings huge profits, is expensive in itself. According to the source, now Google allocates approximately $ 19 billion a year on what it calls «a cost of acquiring the traffic».

This is the money that the search giant is paying different companies for the fact that they pre-installed some of the Google services on their smartphones to Google’s search engine was the default in one way or another OS and so on. And if in 2012 these payments amounted to 7% of the revenue that Google collects through its online business, now the percentage increased to 11%.

Just to OEM (and not only) producers set on smart phones the Chrome browser and brand ON YouTube, and was also subjected to the desktop search widget, Google over the past year spent $ 7.2 billion. And this despite the fact that the basic package of services companies using the Android OS (or rather, the Google Play store) is required. For comparison, in 2012, these costs were three times less than now.



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