Over the next 10 years, SoftBank intends to invest 880 billion dollars in the company of the IT market

For the first time that the Japanese giant SoftBank intends to create an investment Fund in the amount of 100 billion dollars, we wrote a year ago. Since then we have not once mentioned about certain investments of the emerging Fund.

And here it became known that 100 billion dollars is only the beginning. CEO of SoftBank said that 88 billion (apparently that is now the capital of the Fund) is simply not enough to implement the ideas of the company. Therefore, the same funds will be taken every two or three years.

In the end, SoftBank intends over the next 10 years to accumulate a total of about 880 billion dollars in the accounts of such funds! Recall that existing at the time the Fund targets investments in the IT market, but in 10 years, the interests of SoftBank and its partners can expand.

The head of SoftBank believes that in these 10 years, the funds will invest in 1,000 companies.



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