Over image processor Pixel Visual Core Google worked together with Intel

We recently learned that the new Google Pixel 2 contain a special image processor, which is a proprietary development by the search giant.

It turned out that it is not so. A Google spokesperson confirmed to the source that over Pixel Visual Core the company has worked jointly with Intel. Unfortunately, details about the collaboration there. One can only assume that Intel in one way or another engaged in the nuclei of the IPU, in which Pixel Visual Core has eight.

Recall that this is not the first collaboration of the two giants for the last time, as the Google camera Clip uses the Myriad 2 processor company Movidius, which is owned by Intel. So Intel left the market of single-chip systems suitable for smartphones, has returned to this segment in a different way. Perhaps this is just the beginning, and then we will see how those or other decisions of the company find application in a variety of consumer electronics.



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