Output mirrorless camera Sigma sd Quattro H APS-H is expected to be 20 December

The source has published a series of images mirrorless camera Sigma sd H Quattro APS-H. allegedly, the camera will be presented on December 20.

Mirrorless camera Sigma sd H Quattro was announced in February, along with the camera Sigma sd Quattro APS-C.

In both cameras use image sensors Foveon X3 Quattro. The sensor is APS-H (26.6 x 17,9 mm), according to the manufacturer, comparable to the sensor with the Bayer array, having a resolution 51 Megapixel.

The camera is designed for lenses with the Sigma SA mount.

About the price and the date of the beginning of sales while no data.

Source: Nokishita



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