Output Essential PH-1 was called into question because of the upcoming trial

Presented a few days smartphone Essential PH-1, which was created under the leadership of father of Android Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin), aroused great public interest.

The developers have already promised to start shipping Essential PH-1 until the end of June, as well as releasing monthly firmware updates for it. Now, however, the output was called into question.

Well known accessory maker Spigen, the company had previously trademarked Essential for their chargers, covers, batteries and Bluetooth headset.

Spigen sent Essential Products a warning letter, recommending the latter to voluntarily abandon use of the brand. Otherwise, the case will be sent to the court. The answer of the representatives of Essential Products not long in coming: «these letters are quite common in our sector. Essential says the charges are minor and will react accordingly.»

During the investigation it became known that Essential Products twice refused registration of this trade mark. It is obvious that Andy Rubin and his lawyers were prepared for such proceedings. We will be watching to see how events unfold.



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