Outdoor bunk case Lian-Li PC-T70 can become closed

In assortment of the company Lian-Li have a PC case-T70, which is desired by the user is transformed into an outdoor bench similar to the PC-T80. If such a feature is not claimed, the top and front face of the housing can be closed by the panel with clear acrylic window — similar solution we have seen in the model PC-O10.

Structurally, the case is Lian-Li PC-T70 consists of two compartments, the top is a motherboard (of size up to E-ATX), CPU cooler height is limited to 18 cm, and length graphics cards up to 33 cm When removing the acrylic panel the size limit for these components disappear.

In the lower compartment there is a place for the power supply with a length of as much as 35 cm, but you can install only two drives of size 3.5 inches, while seats for SSD (2.5 inch) twice. There are six seats for fans size 140 mm, which is converted into eight size 120 mm, also there are mounts for one exhaust fan (120 mm). The front panel features two USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks.

Lian Li


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