Our database TENAA appeared details about the smartphone Xiaomi, which may go under the name of Redmi 4X

In the database TENAA has information about the next Xiaomi smartphone. Unfortunately, most of the parameters remain unknown.

But those crumbs are enough to make some conclusions. First, the size of the device is of 139.2 x 70 x 8.65 mm. the screen size is 5 inch and battery capacity is 4000 mA·h All this, as the design unites the smartphone with the model Redmi 4.

Some sources suggest that the new device is a model of Redmi 5. But Redmi 4 was submitted only in November, so change it early. Given the fact that the device parameters are similar, as well as the imminent release of the model Redmi Note 4X, we can assume that the specified device will appear on the market under the name of Redmi 4X.

The rest can mark metal body, fingerprint scanner and the main camera, which is now located elsewhere.



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