Our database SiSoftware appeared Intel may feature very efficient integrated GPU AMD

At the end of last year once again there are rumors that Intel is negotiating with AMD in licensing of technologies relating to GPUs. In may, the Network has spread information that the corresponding license agreement has been signed, but the Intel representative has denied it.

Now, there is circumstantial evidence that the relevant Intel CPU already exist.

In the database SiSoftware Sandra appeared engineering sample of an unknown Intel CPU with integrated GPU HD Graphics Gen9 whose ID (694C:C0) corresponds to the ID of one of the AMD solutions.

Moreover, in the settings you can see an indication of the frequency of 1000 MHz and 1720 stream processors (SP), despite the fact that Intel uses a different naming system the number of execution units in their GPU with completely different quantities. All this indirectly indicates that this is a Intel CPU with AMD GPU. And not just using the technology AMD because of that fact we could and did never know namely ready GPU competitor. Even if it is the Polaris architecture generation, we get a graphics card with performance close to the Radeon RX 470. Have the Board somewhat higher frequency and a bit more stream processors. But for integrated solutions that would be just incredible. But we can assume that talking about the generation Vega.

It is also worth noting that this sample of the CPU refers to the generation of Kaby Lake, and not to some kind of following him. Some sources have suggested that a processor designed specifically for Apple, ie in the free market we’ll see of him. However, Cupertino giant has updated mobile PC and a MacBook Pro and a desktop iMac, so it is unclear where they could be used such CPU. On the other hand, it could be the processor generation of Kaby Lake Refresh (eighth generation Intel), and just haven’t been able to determine this fact.

In General, we have a lot of questions and to a greater extent some speculation, but informed BY SiSoftware Sandra has not been seen in so erroneous readings, so it is possible that in the near future will be a very interesting announcement.



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