Orangina is a new version of the name Android OS is 8.0

Up to this point, there were rumors that the Android operating system 8.0 will be named in honor of Oreo cookies consisting of two chocolate disks and a sweet cream filling in between, or oatmeal cookies (Oatmeal Cookie).

Now senior Vice President of Android and Chrome OS-Hiroshi Lockheimer (Hiroshi Lockheimer) planted public a new topic for discussion by posting the following image and with the phrase «no comment.»

In the picture there are some words that begin with the letter O, including Onion and Оlive, however, the only sweetness in this list is Orangina is a carbonated drink with a citrus flavor and aroma, produced using orange, lemon and tangerine juice, orange peel and pulp.

The release date of Android 8.0 yet, but sources say that Google will release a new version of the mobile OS in August of this year.


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