Orange Pi Board Zero NAS allows you to assemble a makeshift network attached storage based on Orange Pi Zero

Single Board PC Orange Pi Zero at a price of $7 has a Quad core SoC Allwinner H2+ and RAM 256 or 512 MB, and other features make it quite competitive in its price segment. But low prices are derived and limitations, the most obvious of which was the lack of video output and built-in flash memory, the replacement of which there is only the microSD slot. New daughter Board Orange Pi Zero NAS is designed to extend the functionality of this platform.

Through the use of chip-JMicron bridge JMS578 (supporting UAS Protocol) on the Board has one SATA port and an mSATA, although the connection is set up through USB 2.0. Also added analog audio output compatible with composite video output and two USB 2.0 ports. On Board Orange Pi Zero NAS are wired microphone and IR receiver. The novelty is already available for order at a price of $7.

Orange Pi


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