Options pink manicure for the most romantic and extravagant

Pink manicure creates a feeling of lightness and tenderness. And thanks to the wide color palette of pink, it suits everyone. Romantic girls can choose translucent pastel coating, while a brave person will not refuse to flashy neon shades. And since pink goes well with other shades, it is often used in various techniques of nail art.

Pink manicure on short nails

It is a short nail will be particularly relevant in 2018, which dictates the fashion for naturalness. Among the most demanded techniques of manicure is to provide a jacket that will be perfect in pink tone.

It is not necessary to abandon the conventional black-and-white cover nails any shade of pink, depending on your chosen image. This manicure is relevant in any situation. To give your nails fresh, just have to put them in one of the most unusual shades, for example, salmon or smoky pink.

Alternatively, those who want to draw attention to your manicure can highlight accent finger print, rhinestones, sequins or any other decoration. Great on the pink background look lace and delicate floral arrangements. To make the nail look a mile long, you should choose vertical patterns.

Pink manicure with rhinestones

Create Royal pink manicure will help rhinestones. But to make it look elegant, it is important not to overdo the décor. Allowed the decoration of each claw a small amount of pebbles that are placed at the base of the nail plate or in the area.

Looks interesting a simple ornament paved with small rhinestones. It can be straight or arcuate lines. Deciding to decorate a pink jacket, the stones can be applied to the smile line or a hole on the accent fingers.

For special occasions bold suitable manicure, in which nails the accent completely covered with transparent stones or crystals in the tone of coverage.

Pink matte manicure

In the recent time rapidly gaining popularity of matte nail Polish. In pink, it looks particularly expressive. Such coverage is reminiscent of velvet and looks equally good alone or in combination with a gloss varnish which can be printed with a smile or in a French manicure.

Very often gloss varnish use for printing on matte surfaces. It can be mesh or curls to tone the basic coverage or more bright colors (wine, cherry or brown).

To emphasize the luxury of the matte surface will help bulk patterns applied with a stencil and acrylic powder.

Pink French manicure and the moon manicure

Classic French manicure is considered the gold plating and the white smile of the nail. However, today, ladies have the opportunity to experiment and make the edge of the nail plate any contrasting color. Decorate this manicure will help special tirki, sliders, graphics, and monograms.


Doing the moon manicure, pink is most often combined with white, grey, metallic, black or gold. In 2018 has become a popular manicure in the style of «negative space», the hole of the nail not painted. For a festive version, the hole can be adorned with sequins, rhinestones and other decor.

Pink melange

Lately, more and more girls prefer gummy marigolds. To do this, they applied a powder, which looks like a rainbow medley. This design option is recommended for spring and summer.

Drawings on pink manicure

Pink basis is considered the most suitable for drawing delicate flowers or branches. These drawings uncluttered themselves and do not need additional decoration. However, if you want, you can add a small manicure with rhinestones. Add the brightness will help contrast the paint on the neighboring nails. Pink looks good with mint or orange.

In the summer, in addition to flowers on nails, you can draw butterflies or any insects. The wings of the butterfly can be decorated with rhinestones or «broken glass». No less attractive in pink marigolds will look like juicy fruit or berries.

In 2018 especially popular are geometric motifs. This may be very simple lines, diamonds, triangles and abstract shapes. It all depends on your imagination and skill.

Effectively look at the pastel coating of different monograms. Top can be sprinkled with glitter, powder or decorate with rhinestones.

Pink manicure with tirkai

Among the latest innovations in nail art called the use of a special tirki, which can change color depending on the shade of Foundation. It is not necessary to apply for all toes. It will be enough to allocate 1 or 2.

Pink manicure with glitter

Similarly stirke you can use sequins. Equally impressive will look like a simple sprinkling of glitter on a sticky basis and their Stirka. No matter which way the glitter you choose, eventually you will get the original, brilliant design. Sequins can be applied on the entire nail plate or a point.

The effect of «broken glass»

Among the fastest growing trends in nail art today is called manicure in the style of «broken glass». It involves the application of the nail pieces of holographic foil. This design is suitable for any length of nail. The foil can be selected to match the floor or contrast with it. Unusual look of the whole shape of a foil. It can be simple circles or diamonds.

Modeling a pink manicure

Of course, in everyday life, this manicure may not be practical, but for special occasions it will be handy. Since the technology of its implementation is quite complicated, you have to trust the professional. To molding to look attractive, the wizard uses the appropriate colours and shades.

Pink gradient

The Ombre pink color scheme will look good on nails of any length. Pink effectively combined with red, yellow or blue. Well, if you want to experiment, then you can use any other color.

Depending on the chosen technique, pink manicure may look different. Using soft pastel colors, you can create a romantic look. And deciding to experiment with bright colors – Express your originality.

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