Options green nail Polish: the best 100 ideas

A green manicure can not be called classic. However, it can be seen more often on women’s pens. The green color has many shades, among which each girl can choose the one that best reflects her style and mood. Depending on the time of year you can use herbal vivid color, rich pine, olive, etc. Any variation of green nail Polish offer us the specialists in nail-art for 2018?

Black coating

Despite its simplicity, manicure, made in a plain version, it looks quite elegant and certainly attracts attention. The exception would be the situation when the nails painted to match the clothes, shoes or accessories.

Manicure «cat’s eye»

Especially elegant this manicure will look great on a dark green base. To create it you need a special nail Polish with metal particles, which together with the magnet is able to create spectacular drawings on the nail. To further decorate your nails don’t have to.

Green French manicure and the moon manicure

To create this manicure you will need a special sticker or plain Scotch. Variations of the green jacket very much, but the leading position is a design in which the edge of the nail or hole remain unfilled or lined with sequins.

Among the novelties 2018 – diagonal or oblique coat. It differs in that the nail smile is done obliquely. In addition, the line may be not only smooth, but wavy. Looks interesting abstract French manicure in which the tips of the nails are drawn droplets, hearts, rectangles, ovals or triangles.

Green moon manicure can also be done in several ways. The hole may be straight, curved, made in the form of lemon bars, etc. Additionally, the moon manicure or French manicure can be decorated with rhinestones, kamimusubi, pictures and other decor.

Green sequined

All shades of green go well with sequins. They can cover the nail plate completely or to decorate individual parts of it.

Popular in 2018 it will be a manicure in the style of «broken glass» for which you need a special holographic foil, pieces of which are laid out in random order on the green nails.

Geometric green manicure

Is not the first popular geometric print manicure. Through the use of various shades and designs, it can be called stylish, versatile and easy to implement. The picture itself can be anything from simple lines to abstract polyhedral shapes. If you have any figure on the nail will leave unpainted, then get today’s popular manicure «negative space».

One of the favorites in 2018 will be the cell, which can also be applied to a green background. Paint it with a brush or use the special stamps and stencils.

Floral elements

Leaves, twigs and flowers in perfect harmony with a green cover. Particularly relevant this manicure will be in the spring and summer. With this you can draw on the nails, flowers white, yellow, red, pink, purple or any other shade. As a variant of the floral pattern can decorate only 1 or 2 accent nail.

Flowers you can draw the brush to use special stencils or stickers. Among the popular techniques in 2018 will use dots.

Fruit manicure

No less attractive on a green background will look like pieces of fruit. What kind of fruit can you draw? Absolutely any. On a green background will be equally look good citrus, strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, Apple and any other fruit.

Drawing on a green manicure

Garnish with green nails can be of different designs. Will look spectacular camouflage on the nail or popular in 2018 the effect of reptile skin. Good idea decoration manicure motifs or abstract patterns.

Green and gold

Any shades of green are perfectly combined with almost all colors, but especially impressive it will look with the gold. Gold glitter can be a painted pattern on green background created by banding of the nail plate or accented with a few nails. In addition to the gold glitter, you can use any Golden decor – glitter, foil pieces or strips.

Green with silver

Unlike gold, silver is able to bring a certain coolness to the song. However, despite this, looks like a combination of silver and green is just gorgeous. The simplest version of the design can be called the covering of one nail with silver glitter. Also glitter can draw any patterns, or use foil and other silver decor.

Green Ombre

To create a popular Ombre effect you need to use a sponge with which to do gradient nails. The Ombre manicure can be done in different shades of green, and in combination with other colors, for example, black or white.

Green manicure with rhinestones

For the decoration of any manicure, both everyday and festive you can use rhinestones. The best option would be the application of a small number of pebbles on the base of the nail or corners of it.

Making of the paste composition on the accent nails, you will get a luxurious holiday option. In addition, pebbles can complement any types of manicure: lunar jacket, cat’s eye etc.

In a solemn ceremony would be appropriate the application of complex compositions, where the pebbles of different colors and sizes can be combined with decorative painting.

Matte green manicure

Matte finish always looks stylish and aristocratic. Doing it in bright colors (mint, turquoise, etc.) will get a gentle manicure. And in the dark saturated colors (jade, sea greens, etc.) it will remind dear velvet.

Amateur experiments can combine a matte finish with a gloss. Variants of this combination very much. This can be a selection of multiple nails gloss varnish on matte background covering all the others. Or highlighting the edges of the nail plate gloss on a matte background covering a major part of it. Incredibly impressive matte coverage will look glossy patterns.

Green can be called positive and energetic. Besides, it gives huge scope for experimentation. Using any design you like, you will receive an original and chic manicure.

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