Optical fingerprint scanner Xiaomi Mi 6 and the new Vivo: true or false?

Recently we published a video, which depicted the new smartphone Vivo is equipped with an optical fingerprint sensor located under the display surface.

However, analyzing the video, which is presented in this note, we combine logical doubt about the real application of optical fingerprint scanner to both devices.

In the video we show how a user unlocks the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6, putting a finger to the display. Unlocking is accompanied by a corresponding animation.

We know that the fingerprint sensor, Xiaomi Mi 6 embedded in the Home button. One would assume that this is not the released version of Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus, however, the dimensions of the smartphone suggests otherwise.

There is a simpler explanation: the user could use special firmware or theme that replace the message hold down/press to unlock the phone fingerprint image.

The same scheme could be implemented in the history of the smartphone Vivo.



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