Oppo has patented an unusual smartphone with a curved display

Many smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and Huawei, has already patented various versions of smartphones that feature curved displays.

Now the Chinese company Oppo has patented a rather unusual smartphone. If you believe the sketch, the bend is not half of the device, and its smaller part. Moreover, the smartphone can bend in both directions.

The device is equipped with one camera that will perform the role of the front in the unfolded state.

Samsung needs to release the first smartphone with a curved display, which is tentatively called Galaxy X, next year.

Was recently presented foldable smartphone ZTE Axon M with two screens that are also equipped with a camera.

It can be assumed that this Oppo smartphone will remain a sketch on paper. To grasp the meaning of such transformation of the body and potential benefits for the user in this case is quite difficult.



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