Oppo has helped in the development of the camera rugged smartphone AGM X2

Smartphone AGM X2 is impact-resistant, and its casing is protected against the ingress of dust and moisture in accordance with the requirements of the IP68 standard.

We also know that it will be equipped with dual camera with image sensor resolution 16 MP, front camera will have a resolution of 13 MP and the battery capacity of 6,000 mAh.

In creating the chamber AGM helped the company Oppo. One module is in colour, the second black-and-white. This allows to obtain high-quality images even in low light conditions and compete on photo quality with flagship smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel. At least so say the developers.

In addition, AGM X2 received a special mode, Backlight Mode, which allows you to take great pictures in conditions where the light source is behind the object or person.

The manufacturer claims that the X2 AGM may be the best-protected camera.

, Oppo


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