Oppo has confirmed that the smartphone will be R11 dual camera, but the technology 5x Zoom Dual Camera is not worth waiting

Oppo launched an ad campaign of its new flagship smartphone R11, which should be next month.

As expected, the device will get dual main camera. However, the technology Dual Camera 5x Zoom, which is shown at MWC 2017, expect, sorry, not worth it. Instead, Oppo will use the same schema, which is present in the iPhone 7 Plus.

More specifically, the 16-megapixel module will receive the usual lens, and 20 megapixel will be equipped with a telephoto lens. This will allow the company to implement an analog of two-fold optical zoom. Any portrait mode with background blur while no data.

In addition, a 20-megapixel module and get the front facing camera. The other parameters are not yet confirmed. Presumably, the novelty will receive Snapdragon SoC 660, Full HD display and 4 GB of RAM. Recall that Oppo have not released a full flagships, if the main criterion to consider the platform.



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