Oppo has become the most successful smartphone vendor in China, depriving it of the title company Huawei

IDC has published data on shipments of smartphones in China in the fourth quarter of 2016 and for the whole last calendar year.

The winner in both periods was the company Oppo, which shipped 24.5 million smartphones in the last quarter and 78.4 million for the entire year. The growth of the supply of the company for the year amounted to 122%.

Second place went to Huawei’s deliveries for the year increased 21.8% to the level of 76,6 million smartphones. Third place with a score of 69.2 million device is Vivo, which has increased the supply of 96.9% for the year.

These three companies occupy almost half (48%) of the Chinese smartphone market. And when you consider the overall result for Oppo and Vivo, as divisions of the company BBK, it turns out that one company owns a third of the market.

Apple and Xiaomi in the past year worsened the results by 12.8% and 40.5% respectively, ranking the fourth and fifth places. These companies now occupy 11 and 7.4% of the Chinese smartphone market.

Samsung has failed to get into the top five leaders.

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