Operating system Pebble OS 4.0 will be released within a month

Pebble owners were pleased with their hours, telling them that the release of Pebble OS 4.0 is around the corner. And at the same time revealed some details about the upcoming update, which is expected in the coming weeks.

Among the innovations first in the list there is the possibility to create your own icons for applications that appear in the list of the icon size of 25 x 25 pixels.

The second innovation — pop-up notifications will no longer block out the clock in time trial mode.

Function AppGlances will allow developers to implement a rolling signature to the application. Previously, the signature could only be static.

In addition, developers will be given the opportunity to optimize their software specifically for Pebble OS 4.0, for which I will allocate a separate section in the company store applications. Of course, it’s not all the innovations of the new OS, but about the rest we will know after the announcement.



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