Operating profit of Samsung Electronics in the quarter will grow at an annual rate of 40%

As you know, last week was arrested Jay Lee (Lee Jae-yong) — Vice-President of Samsung Electronics and de facto head of Samsung Group. In the Network immediately appeared the opinion that it was the end of an era the Korean giant. However, you should know how complex the structure of any Corporation of this size to understand that the arrest of one person, even in sensitive positions, very little effect on the performance of the structure as a whole. And on any one company, which is part of the Corporation, the impact of such factor is also small.

This is confirmed by KB Investment analysts, who predict that the operating profit of Samsung Electronics in the current quarter reaches of 8.14 billion dollars, that on 40% exceeds an indicator of last year.

The result is due to strong sales of semiconductor products and displays. These areas will bring the company 71% of the total operating profit, while a year earlier their contribution amounted to «only» 53%. Analysts are confident in the growth of the company’s shares, despite the situation with the arrest of the head of Samsung Electronics.



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