Operating profit of Samsung Electronics in the first quarter will set a new record

In the second quarter, as you know, Samsung Electronics showed record operating profit in the amount of 12.6 billion dollars, beating on this indicator, even Apple.

After analysts had expected a small decline in the third quarter, but now the forecasts indicate that the profit of Samsung will be even higher.

As always, the predictions of different analytical companies differ. At the moment the minimum profit that is forecast for Samsung, is 12,45 billion and a maximum of 13.3 billion Maximum revenue of $ 55 billion.

As before, growth will be driven by situation on the market of memory chips, where Samsung is the largest manufacturer. For example, the cost of the DRAM capacity of 1 GB in the fourth quarter of last year was 4.6 per dollar, and now 6.4 per dollar. The cost of 1 GB NAND grew from 0.26 to 0.28 dollar, but this segment operates absolutely in other volumes.

All this leads to the fact that the operating profit of semiconductor business of Samsung will grow from 7.1 to 8.65 billion.

Given that the situation in the memory market in the near future will not change, it is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year, Samsung’s operating profit will grow even more and for the first time will exceed 16 trillion won, which corresponds to approximately 14.1 billion dollars.



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