Operating officer of Huawei believes that the smartphone is sufficient 4 GB of RAM

Last year he released the Xplay 5 smartphone Elite, who first got 6 GB of RAM. Then came the smartphones with the same RAM from Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi. On the approach of the machines with 8GB of RAM.

The question is, as smartphones need a memory. Operating officer of Huawei Lao Shi (Lao Shi) stated that 4 GB is enough to ensure that the smartphone runs at top performance.

According to him, internal tests have shown that the same mobile SoC Kirin 960 in some scenarios, works better with 4GB than with 6 GB of RAM. He added that the key to success lies in the optimization of the operating system, and also remembered the iPhone that work very quickly and smoothly with a small amount of RAM.

Lao Shi said that the extra Gigabyte of RAM, jacking up the cost of the smartphone, which eventually need to pay users. As has already been mentioned, Huawei has also released smartphones with 6 GB of RAM, but Lao Shi said that this is due to the need to compete with other manufacturers.

Over two years ago, Huawei said that to equip smartphones with displays 4K makes no sense.



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