OpenXR — an attempt to unify and standardize the development of applications of AR and VR

The working group Khronos VR Initiative reported on the development of an open and free standard for devices and applications augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR). Standard called OpenXR. Now called the working group of Khronos.

Development OpenXR is an attempt to unify and standardize the app creation AR and VR. In the absence of a cross-platform standard, developers are forced to port the software, given the characteristics of the APIs offered by every hardware manufacturer. On the other hand, this means that each device only supports applications built for him. These factors impede development and slow the growth of the market.

Creating a cross-platform standard will eliminate the fragmentation, allowing to create one app that will work on all devices. In architecture OpenXR defined two levels of abstraction. One of the available applications in the form of API, and the second ensures compatibility with different devices. In fact, the device can be integrated into the platform using a standardized driver interface.

Expectations for the implementation OpenXR related to the fact that the group includes AMD, ARM, Google, Imagination, Intel, Nvidia, Oculus, Qualcomm, Samsung and other influential industry representatives.

Source: Khronos


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