Onyx is preparing to release the first laptop with electrophoretic display

Electrophoretic displays are often used in electronic books and sometimes meet in wearable electronics. But, for example, to create such a mobile PC display somehow nobody ever wanted.

According to sources, the pioneer may be the company Onyx, which prior to the event, Hong Kong Electronics Fair has published a brochure describing the electrophoretic laptop with display diagonal of 9.7 inches.

Judging by the translation device will be called the Onyx Boox Typewriter. From the title it is clear that in the first place, it is positioned as a modern mobile typewriter. In fact, the features of E Ink screens just make them suitable for laptop which will be used for text input. For those for whom text is the main job or a hobby, spend in front of the monitor a very long time, most of which goes just a text editor. And the presence of display with electronic ink in this case can reduce eye strain.

On the device settings is unknown. In particular, it is unclear whether to use some kind of operating system or laptop will cost a certain software platform with integrated text editor.



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