Only 10% of Americans use the services of Uber

Uber, of course, in a sense, changed the market. Yes, outside of the U.S. its influence is not so noticeable, but these services are not can quickly spread to the whole world.

As reported, the market for «private taxi» in the U.S., Uber takes 74% of the market. Another 22% are Lyft, and the remaining 4% for other players. At the same time a year earlier, Uber was 83%, but in the beginning of this year in the Wake of the scandal the company lost around 200,000 customers.

Source quotes and statistics on activity of usage of these services. In the period from March to September, Uber customers on average use the service 5.2 times, and customers Lyft — 4.5 times. In addition, in this market are sufficiently expressed loyalty of customers. Only 10% of users of Uber and Lyft use both services.

But the most interesting statistics on the use of such services in General. It turns out that in the United States while only 14% of the population use the services of these two companies. More specifically, 10% use Uber, and 4% prefer Lyft. That is, even in a country where he was born such services, their popularity leaves much to be desired.

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