Online store Newegg reports that for the first time in 10 years, AMD surpassed Intel in the CPU market

For anybody not a secret that processors Ryzen was very good and obviously had to affect the market allocation of CPU. Data is Germany’s largest online store Newegg confirm this.

In fact, the result even surpasses the one that you would expect. So, the share of AMD CPU sales shop Newegg in March accounted for only 27.6% . But in August this figure increased to 56.1%! For the first time in almost 10 years AMD sales went around the Intel!

Yes, this statistic is just one, albeit large, online store only in one country, but the General trend is similar in other markets. In the table below you can see a more accurate sales data. This information is very valuable, as are the details for the segment are not in the Network.

After some simple mathematical operations, you can see that from March through August, the store sold 7180 AMD and Intel 5610. CPU Ryzen 5 1600 was the leader in sales, beating even the Core i7-7700K. By the way, if to speak about, the flagship model of Intel had 40% of sales of processors this company. AMD sale Ryzen 5 1600 amounted to 34.4% of the total. Also I’ve sold 5 1600X Ryzen, Ryzen Ryzen 7 1700 7 1700X.

Note that in statistics, there is no Junior processors from both companies, although the range of shops available. Of course, in Western markets sales of budget decisions is not as strong as we do, but accounting for all of the models clearly made some adjustments in statistics. So it is more correct to say that AMD surpassed Intel in sales of processors in the middle and upper price categories. In any case, it perfectly demonstrates the success of the new solutions AMD that only into the hands of the consumers, as this success was made to «move» the Intel. It is unlikely we could have got a Quad-core 15-watt and six-core CPU a mobile Core i5, if the family Ryzen was not so successful.



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