OnePlus was significantly ahead of Apple in the segment of premium smartphones to India. But only in online sales

According to the source, citing data from IDC, the smartphone market of India, there was another interesting change. Was replaced by the leader of premium segment vehicles (cost $ 400) for online sales.

If earlier it was Apple, now her place was taken by OnePlus. Moreover, the company’s share is now 57%, while Apple only 38%. Another 4% are Samsung, well, the rest a total content of 1%.

Moreover, it should be noted that these figures are just for the second quarter of this year. That is, the lion’s share of sales of the OnePlus came in the 3T model of the OnePlus, since OnePlus 5 made its debut in India only in June. At the same time now OnePlus 3T fell just below $ 400 dollars.

Why suddenly such changes have occurred is unclear, but, again, this is true only for online sales. Unfortunately, the source doesn’t point to compare statistics on the retail or total sales. Also, there is no data in quantitative terms.



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