OnePlus revealed a dozen variants of the design of the smartphone OnePlus 5, which never became final

Smartphone OnePlus 5 have to submit tomorrow. Despite the presence of several photos that indicate great similarities with the iPhone 7 Plus, the head of OnePlus assures that after the announcement of the conversations about the similarity of the devices will stop.

Anyway, while we have the opportunity to clarify details about the coming novelty. Sources say that the smartphone will get a dual camera. The main module will be characterized by a resolution of 16 megapixels and aperture will be F/1.7. The second relevant parameters is equal to 20 MP and F/2.6. That is one wide angle and one telephoto lens, as the iPhone 7 Plus.

One of the new photos, you can see the smartphone from the front, which indicates the presence of physical buttons below the display, as well as four signature covers. Two of them resemble a wooden texture and one Kevlar. Although, perhaps, they are really created with the use of appropriate materials.

In addition, one of the sources has published a lengthy video about the creation of the new smartphone OnePlus. In addition, there can be seen a half dozen prototypes models OnePlus 5. Some pictures have already got into the Network.

Despite the fact that among them I can not see any option with a unique design, some look relatively original. The manufacturer for some reason chose the option copy of the Apple.

Separately, the OnePlus representative said that the company of interesting displays such formats as used in the new flagship Samsung and LG, but so far the company has no access to them. This may indicate that OnePlus 6 will feature such a screen.



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