OnePlus acknowledges that its smartphones collect user data

A few days ago we learned that the smartphone OnePlus can «spy» for users. At the time of the official’s answer was not, but it will appear now.

The main thing you need to know is not a bug. OxygenOS do collect certain information that recognizes the OnePlus. The company said that the OS collects two types of information: information about the use of smartphone and information about the device. It is necessary to «better understand the overall behavior of the smartphone and optimization OxygenOS».

The users are free to disable the corresponding functions of the data collection in the settings, but the operating system will still send the company a minimum set of data to help OnePlus to provide «after sales support».

Also, the manufacturer has promised by the end of October to add a tooltip in the setup wizard, OxygenOS, through which users will be able to choose whether to join the program collect data or not.

Perhaps the most important is that OnePlus promised to stop collecting data about telephone numbers, MAC addresses and Wi-Fi hotspots in the future.



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