OnePlus 5 proved to be quite rugged smartphone

5 smartphone OnePlus only managed to announce, and many thematic publications have already published reviews of new products. Among other single device has got and well-known blogger jerryrigeverything once.

He tested the device for durability and captured the procedure on video.

5 OnePlus has shown itself, like most modern smartphones middle and upper price categories. Safety glass can be scratched only a material with hardness at least 6 on the Mohs scale, the camera is covered with glass, so that the keys do not scratch it.

But the metal case scratch is possible. The main value of tests is in the test jerryrigeverything once bending. In this case we can say that the smartphone has been quite durable. Not enough to postpone the application of physical force without visible effect, but enough for the user not to be afraid for your device.



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