OnePlus 5 caught cheating during the tests

5 smartphone OnePlus only managed to announce, as the Network appeared information about the fact that the device also cheats in popular benchmarks.

The problem is that the smartphone understands that it was a test run, and keeps the maximum frequency of the GPU and CPU. In tests, the smartphone processor worked at a maximum frequency of 95% of the time. After the feature is disabled in OS, the maximum frequency was achieved only for 24.4% of the time.

In General this leads to a situation when tests show the best possible performance, not real in everyday tasks. On the other hand, synthetic tests are always far from reality, and a number of points in AnTuTu or Geekbench is absolutely not an indication of the speed of the smartphone in General, which has been proved by dozens of comparative tests. Moreover, the performance flagship of the modern mobile platforms have long been excessive and it is simply nowhere to use it, so OnePlus, of course, be admonished for such actions, but actually for end users, this changes nothing.



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