One of the research teams of the Google has created a wearable device to monitor vital signs of the person

At the end of 2015 holding Alphabet appeared, the research team is Verily Life Sciences, previously part of the lab, Google X. She is engaged in various projects related to the medical industry and health care.

As it became known, Verily is working on a wearable device in the form of hours, which is called the Study Watch. It is not a smart watch and not even show the number of steps. By the way, for the first time about it we learned in the past year.

Study Watch is a wearable device that tracks various indicators of human activity. In particular, Verily speaks of the possibility of obtaining electrocardiograms determine heart rate, electrodermal activity. An array of different sensors in order to monitor cardiovascular system, to identify motor disorders and so on.

It is also known that a constantly active display while displays only the time and specific instructions. Verily speaks of a week of battery life, internal storage, which allows the device to store the raw, encrypted data during the week, the productive processor that supports specialized algorithms and software, which is designed to support future upgrades that extend the capabilities of the device.

Development available for purchase and is used only for research. However, if in the end you will Verily get something interesting and really useful, it is unlikely this device will be introduced on the market in one form or another.



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