One of hybrid processors AMD Raven Ridge get Vega GPU with 704 processors

AMD Ryzen has already demonstrated its advantages, and the launch of the new architecture can be considered successful. Accordingly, special reasons to doubt the success of hybrid processors Raven Ridge, which should appear in the second half, no.

Recall, these APU will contain CPU and GPU Ryzen Vega. Previously it was thought that they will appear only in the mobile segment, although later there appeared rumors about the fact that these solutions will be available in the desktop version.

In March, the Network got the first test result unknown APU Raven Ridge. Then it was reported only on the presence of four processor cores. Now the engineering sample APU were in the database SiSoftware.

Code name CPU — AMD Mandolin Raven. He also has catalogue number: 2M3001C3T4MF2_33/30_N from which you can learn some of the characteristics. APU features a Quad-core processor, clocked at 3-3. 3 GHz and supports eight threads of computing. Also the processor got 2 MB cache second level and a 4 MB third.

As for GPU, it features 11 compute units. If the number of stream processors on a single GPU block Vega remained unchanged, this indicates 704 stream processors. GPU frequency reaches 800 MHz. That is, in General, we need to get very efficient, like a hybrid CPU, GPU that can actually compete with the Junior Board cards. For example, the Radeon RX 550 has only 512 stream processors, moreover, belongs to a generation of Polaris.



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