One Kobo Aura — ebook with 8-inch screen with protection from water and original illumination system

The company Kobo, which was one of the few players in the e-book market, introduced a new such device — Aura One.

The novelty is distinguished by the fact that it has a screen diagonal of 7.8 inches with a resolution of 1872 x 1404 pixels (300 pixels per inch), which is unusual for devices of this segment. But this is not the only feature of the Aura One.

The book also boasts protection from water (IPx8) and backlit display. And the lighting’s unusual. Bulb is white color uses the RGB backlight with user-adjustable color temperature that will make the process of reading in the dark even more enjoyable. Moreover, you can configure the change of the backlight depending on the time of day.

It remains to add that the device weighs 230 g, and costs $ 230.



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